14 days of art, performance, poetry and madness

Do we need a little madness to set us free or freedom to be mad? The free arts festival in Bethnal Green Library harks back to the history of the site as a ‘private madhouse’ between 1727 and 1922. To this day The Green is still known locally as ‘Barmy Park’. The exhibition and events set out to explore the links between madness and creativity and the stereotype of the ‘mad artist’.

The Greek philosopher Seneca once said, “there is no great genius without a tincture of madness.” Even today psychopathologists are researching the evolutionary potential of ‘schizotypy mind’ (the kind which Mozart and Einstein were thought to have possessed) for breaking out of conventional frameworks.

Barmy Park brings together 30 artists and performers with and without mental health issues. Some of them tackle the taboos surrounding the subject while others do what they do best – offering a refreshingly leftfeld perspective on life.

Barmy Park has been curated by artists Imogen O’Rorke and Nicole Wassall in collaboration with Core Arts, a local arts charity which aims to break down the prejudices surrounding mental health.

Thursday 23rd September, THE CORRESPONDENTS and HOOK and the TWIN play a special Barmy Park Charity Gig. Buy Tickets at WeGotTickets:

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